Biodiversity Audit with CERES

On Wednesday 24th October, Deanne from Ceres came to visit us in our Kinder room. With Deanne the children discussed different living things you may find in our outdoor space. Deanne also read a book to the children about these living things such as trees, shrubs, bushes, animals and bugs. Deanne then showed the children some photos of some different insects and the children offered their opinions on the best places to look for the insects.

The children split up into two rotational groups. Deanne took one group to conduct a Biodiversity audit of all the living things in our outdoor space. The children counted all the living things they could find. The other group utilized magnifying glasses to search for bugs living under rocks, on the trees, in the garden, on logs, fences etc.

Later during group time, we discussed our findings. We hope to extend on our learning today by exploring why these living things are so important and how we can help care for them.

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