Biodiversity Learning Story 2021

Banyule Primary School Biodiversity Learning Story

Throughout 2018 and 2019 our school was under construction to build our brand new gym. In the process, we removed large areas of vegetation from our school grounds. This caused our Habitat Quality Assessment score to reduce from 74/100 in 2018 to 71/100 in 2019 to 69/100 in 2020. As a sustainable school, it was our priority to meet or exceed our previous Habitat Quality Assessment score and we were obviously disappointed that our score had lowered. This meant we had to put our heads together to come up with ways to improve our biodiversity at our school. Our principal made sure that she replenished our array of flora at BPS in the plans for the new gym, as well as in the new Sensory Garden that we built in a previously out of bounds area this last year. Our new plants are natives which will attract native animals such as birds and insects to the school grounds. This will improve biodiversity while creating habitat for animals to thrive in. Our Biodiversity Team have made sure that all students and staff in our school take care of our new plant friends while they are still new and establishing. Our Biodiversity leaders have spoken at assembly and put reminders in the newsletter about taking care of our new plants to respect our environment. With building works expected in future years, it is our goal to continue to add to our gardens and continue to plant native plants and provide a habitat for native animals.

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