Box Hill North Primary School 2011 Energy Case Study

Box Hill North Primary School Energy Module Case Study

2011 saw us take on some new challenges in the area of energy at Box Hill North PS. Our staff had professional development with Kirsty Costa our CERES contact through AuSSiVic, we investigated energy use and goal setting for 2011. Also, two staff members were able to attend other professional development to build contacts and skills in the area of energy management.


Planet Savers Australia were involved in assisting us work out where we could make changes to our behaviour and hardware; we did a detailed walk through of the school grounds and buildings discussing and noting changes which could be made. Subsequent to this we received a written report. I highly recommend any personnel who deals with maintenance at the school be part of this walk through, they are the best contact for organising electricians and other work that may be needed. Regardless of the written report you may get, any notes taken specific to the walk through regarding globes, timers etc is also of importance; it is hard to remember all the little things spoken about once the meeting finishes and you want to get onto those changes!

Following this walkthrough we also met with our electrician and maintenance person to begin any changes that could be done pretty quickly without too much money being spent, funding will need to be allocated for the major spending. The easiest and quickest things were timers on urns, switch off procedures and replacing globes with more efficient globes (as they need replacement).


Like many schools we have applied for funding for the Solar Grant and await a response for that; ideally we would like to spend some of that money on the solar panels but also on energy efficient lighting etc.

We also enter any competition going! We entered a garden and education colouring in competition and won a prize. We entered a competition to say how we are energy wise and won an Energy Switch.

Not only might you win a prize but it also raises student awareness of sustainability issues and raises the school profile in the community.


A major initiative for the year has been the introduction of the “5 tick” program; using our Green Team members, we check classrooms at a recess or lunchbreak and tick accordingly. We are looking for: monitors off, Interactive Whiteboards off, doors closed, appropriate heating/cooling and lights off. Rooms and offices with 5 ticks are announced at assembly and listed in the newsletter.

Switch off procedures: students shut down computers at the end of each day, including at the wall where possible and particularly at the end of each term.

A timer on the staffroom urn: we purchased a small electric kettle and timer at the beginning of the year. Our staffroom urn no longer keeps a huge amount of water hot all night and all weekend, it switches off after 6pm on weekdays (later on meeting nights) and turns on early enough to have hot water by 7am weekdays. Anyone coming in on weekends can simply plug the kettle in and heat up the water they need.

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