Brentwood Secondary College – Water Case Study

* Attended by Matt Alexander, Luke Ludorf, Cassie Rowe, Naomi Semercioglu, Kate Tyrrell, Miss Nicholas and Mr. Ma. *

On the 18th of June, we attended the Horsham Youth Water Conference. We not only represented Brentwood, we also were representatives of the city of Melbourne. As representatives of Melbourne, we were asked to give a general summary of how Melbournians feel about water use and conservation.

The aim of the conference was to bring country, city and international kids together to discuss whether ‘OUR water is sustainable for today, tomorrow and in the future?’ Each of the schools that attended answered this in a different way, however the general consensus was that we could do more to make our water more sustainable, whatever that may be.

This conference was being broadcast live on the Internet and included streaming from a New Zealand school and Malaysian school. Both of the contributors from New Zealand and Malaysia had very different idea about water. The girls from New Zealand said they were having a ‘6 week drought,’ although they had a plentiful supply of water. The Malaysian school showed us how they plan for water use in the future and the amount of scientific progress was quite astounding.

Once each of the presentations was finished, the manager of GWM Water answered any questions the students had. Once we had finished that, and our lunch, we were treated to a little play knocked together by some employees of GWM Water. The main point of the play was to help us be more aware of what we can do to stop toxins and other bad pollutants from getting into our water and contaminating it.

During the last part of the day we were split up into discussion groups to debate the question “Is climate change real, and is it going to affect out water for the future?” Surprisingly, quite a few of the rural students answered no to this question. As being a ‘city kid’ and knowing and seeing the effects of climate change, it was quite obvious to us that it is real, and will defiantly be a problem in the future. It was great to have the opportunity to voice my opinion and be heard by other people.

The conference was a huge success. We shared our opinions and heard many other opinions about climate change, water and our future.

Thank you to Miss Nicholas and Mr Ma who gave us this fantastic opportunity.

By Luke Ludorf 10B

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