CERES Excursions – 4 R’s

Our excursion to CERES was a great success. It was wonderful to get out
into the broader community and see first hand how people take care of
plants, animals and our environment to make a more sustainable world for
us all. Now we know more we can do more too!
Our first stop was the 4 R’s class where we got to further our knowledge on
how we can Rethink, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. The children were super
excited to become Sustainability Superheros and learn how to sort our
waste. We learned the 4 R’s dance and later taught it to the rest of the
Kinder class. The children took turns to sort our waste into different types of
waste such as compost, recycling, & green waste. It was lovely to see the
children so engaged and contributing to the group discussions about
minimising our impact on the planet.
We then got to see the worm farm and hold the wriggly little guys in our
hands. We discussed how they eat our food scraps then produce ‘worm
wee’ which helps break down our waste into soil. We then headed to feed
the chickens and finished off with a picnic lunch at the playground. Thank
you to all the families who came along made our excursion so enjoyable.

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