CERES increasing solar and reducing our impact

CERES has always been about sustainability

…and trying to give back to the earth more than we take.

Over the last 35 years our community has taken an abandoned wasteland and rehabilitated it into a vibrant, biodiverse oasis. We have reduced waste, reduced water consumption and researched all kinds of renewable energy solutions and alternative technologies along the way. This has enabled us to inspire and teach millions of others about how they can do the same.

Even though we have a lot to be proud of, it’s time to tackle something we are coming short on.

A side effect of reaching an estimated 1,000,000 people each year has been an increase in power consumption. Our generating capacity hasn’t kept up and we currently only cover 15% of the electricity we use in the park.

Ultimately, to be truly sustainable, we would like to meet all of our energy needs with self-generated clean energy. So at the end of last year we committed to a target for CERES: zero emissions by 2025. We don’t expect reaching this target will be easy but we know we can get there with a bit of help from our community.

Powershop has stepped up to support us through this transition. Already, as a beneficiary of their Your Community Energy project, we have been able to install 15kW of solar panels on the roof of our Visitor Centre (that’s them you can see in the picture).

Powershop is also helping us install even more solar panels by providing a financial contribution for every CERES supporter who switches to Powershop.

We are aiming for 500 switches by the end of 2017. This will help us install a further 5kW of solar panels and help us reduce our emissions by almost 10 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

You can help us reach our goal, and enable CERES to remain as one of the most well-loved community environment organisations in the world, without a cost to the earth.
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