Changing how we use Energy

In the Year 9 program students were given the opportunity to research and analyze how the school uses energy.Using Greensense and power meters the students measured overall usage and usage volume of the various appliances. From the data gathered students made recommendations for timers on photocopiers, teacher laptop use and costing for renting both the stadium and Performing Arts Centre in line with costs to the school. This has led to a slight reduction in usage since implementation, even though there has been an increased use of students charging devices as the school moves to a universal uptake of the BYOD policy.

Often when sustainability is mentioned people have a perception that it is planting trees or riding your bicycle to work. The reality is sustainability is a key component of a business plan and that our future is intertwined with sciences capacity to satisfy our need for energy and how can we do this sustainably? Inspired by the needs of a future society a new class combines science and business theory in Year 10. Students engage in the needs of an energy project. For students the science includes, energy production, solar generation and Battery storage and understanding the carbon cycle. The economics looks at accounting: budgets, forecasts, reporting and data analysis. The school hopes this will open students’ eyes to future employment.

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