City of Dandenong Sustainability Awards and DHERT Students

My friends and I are part of an extra school curriculum called The D.H.E.R.T group, an environmental group that tries to help out our community to improve. Our group have done many activities to improve our school and our community. We went to Silverton Primary school and had activities for the kids about helping the environment and teaching them more about plastic and the harms it causes. Our group had the opportunity to go to a conference in the city and learn more about pollution and water related topics. It was a really great experience and I learnt many new things. One day our teacher Mrs. Skoutas gave us a letter that nominates schools and students that could win an award for sustainability. The school was nominated along with me and my friend, Manisha. The school was runner up and me and Manisha were winners. The school won a $300 voucher for Bunnings, and me and Manisha won a $150 voucher for Dandenong plaza and a $100 Myki.

The 22nd of March was the day of the awards ceremony, there was a lot of people there, some were there because they too were nominated or they were just spectators learning some new things. There was a lot of activities that helped spread awareness about sustainability. When me and Manisha were asked to come to the front to collect our awards from the Mayor, we quickly said a few words and then took some photos with our awards and other winners and runners up. It was a really good day and I will always remember how important it is to look after our community and environment.

By Andreea. I D10

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