Clean up Australia Day 2013

On Friday the 1st of March the whole school community participated in ‘Clean Up Schools Day 2013‘. As you can see from the comments the children have made and the photos we had a very productive day. Some Learning Studios were collecting rubbish, some were collecting recyclable items, some were weeding and some were working on the Worm farm and composting bins. As you can see by the impact on our school grounds every little bit of help makes a difference and being active citizens has given us a safer and cleaner environment to live and learn in.

We saw weeds and lots of packaging. We all saw lots of weeds then the rubbish. We saw glass and bottles. Carolyn S

I think it was really good for everyone to work as a team. Mollie

I wondered why there were so many weeds. Jane

I wonder why people throw things. I think they can take it home and put it in a bin, it is not good for the environment. Samarveer

I think sometimes we have to get smelly and dirty even if we don’t want to. I think that it is important to clean up so the environment stays healthy and it would be good for the country. Nethmi

If the animals eat the wrappings the animals will die. Abhayraj

You have to have schools clean up day so everything doesn’t get stinky. Jake A

If we don’t have clean up day the whole planet will be littered. Jorden

If we don’t have clean up Australia day the plants will die and there will be no oxygen left for us. Zac W

Plastic bags can get into the ocean and the sea animals will swallow them Daniel D.

I am puzzled why people throw rubbish on the floor if they can take it home or find a bin. Kristian A.

I want to explore if they can recycle cardboard. Maddison G

I want to explore why it is called Clean up Australia Day. Maria.

Mother Teresa PS photo (clean up aust day)

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