Clean Up Australia Day

On Friday the 8th of March, the Livingstone Primary School community, including students, teachers and parents were actively involved in the environmental nationwide event, ‘Clean Up Australia Day’. The event aims to inspire our students from all year levels to remove rubbish found within the school-grounds and to consider the impact excess amounts of waste can have on several aspects of the environment.

Livingstone’s involvement in the event began with each year level working to clean up an allocated area with their peers, teachers and parents participating.

The waste found by our students in Years 3 and 4 was calculated and then discussed by those corresponding year levels. In their allocated area, Year 3 students found over 300 chip packets/wrappers, as well as over 200 pieces of paper or cardboard. These students commented saying that they felt shocked by the volume of rubbish that they found, as well as feeling terrible due to the impact waste has on the environment including animals.

Students in Year 4 found over 100 pieces of rubbish that were made out of plastic and our Year 5’s found just under 100 pieces. These students stated that there was a significant amount of food waste and chip wrappers found in the schoolyard, as well as over 70 pieces of glass (which had not come from students).

Overall, the event was a success for Livingstone Primary School as it highlighted the importance of disposing our rubbish in the correct ways, decreasing our impact on the environment, as well as the importance of our nude food policy in reducing the amounts of waste that are brought into the school yard.

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