Clonard College students plant a strawberry patch

On the 9th of November 2010, fifteen students from the Permaculture Design class went along to a project to plant strawberries in Azaria’s garden as part of a “How to eat your garden” course. The reason for this garden was for her son, Teal, who at just five years old has gone through 22 life threatening operations and has many allergies to foods. One of his favourite fruits, and one that he isn’t allergic to, is strawberries and that is the reason for this patch. Whilst we were at Azaria’s garden we met many lovely people, who all love the permaculture concept and were so enthusiastic and passionate in making this strawberry patch with no benefit to themselves. As the project was such an important one for this family it felt really special. Just by providing our labour; shovelling dirt, carrying buckets, wetting newspapers, planting strawberries, pinning down weed mat and making pegs; we felt like we had achieved something special for a family who really needed assistance.

Year 10 students – Grace Halleday and Maddi Richmond
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