Connecting to nature through mind, body and soul: grant received from Junior Landcare for this great project

St Joseph’s families, we have news! We are lucky enough to have secured a grant from Junior Landcare. The project title is ‘Connecting to nature through mind, body and soul’ and aims to teach students that science, physical activity, ancient wisdom, mindfulness, and intrinsic value, are all integral to shaping our understanding and relationship with the Earth.

The students of St Jo’s are going to be taken on a journey about nature through a series of activities that include:

  • A biodiversity survey to investigate the plants, animals, birds and insects we share the school grounds with and to show how science, fieldwork, and data collection contribute to scientific discovery and understanding.
  • A grade 5 excursion to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens to learn about indigenous connection to country and mindfulness in nature.
  • Building bird, bat and possum boxes to show how practical conservation projects help the local wildlife.
  • The creation and plant-up of a wildlife corridor to connect the prayer garden through to the wetlands using indigenous and bush tucker plants to increase the habitat available to wildlife and to enjoy some of the native foods available in Australia.
  • Making an interactive signpost that will enable the whole school community to learn about the benefits of indigenous plants and a wildlife corridor for the school environment and to show how awesome technology can be as a tool for sharing knowledge.

On Tuesday November 20th the grade 3/4s are going to be kicking off the project with a workshop about indigenous edible plants and planting the first layer of the wildlife corridor. We have teamed up with local indigenous nursery, Conservation Collective, to provide us with lots of plants to get started and look forward to a busy and productive day. If you would like to come and help please email me on, or come and see their great work at the Art Show on Friday 23rd.

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