Conservation Awareness at BEPS

Last week the 123s attended an incursion with Roberto D’andrea from the Metropolitan Waste Management Group. Roberto shared his wealth of knowledge about the animal life that populates our local area here on the banks of the Merri Creek and also further afield, in Port Phillip Bay. The children were given a set of cards detailing information about these fascinating creatures. We thank Roberto for sharing his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge with us and raising our awareness of the ways that we can protect these precious native species from harm. Through being educated about our impact and more mindful of how we dispose of waste, we can all play a part in preserving the delicate ecosystems that sustain our native animals and plant species.

Here at BEPS we are continuing to work towards gaining 5-star sustainability accreditation. A requirement of this is to increase biodiversity on the school grounds. The Environment Action Team (EAT) will soon be fundraising by selling seeds at the Friday Market. Proceeds will go towards buying native plants, to attract more native birds to the school. We already have a family of Wattle Birds nesting in the front garden and it would be wonderful to attract more of them.
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