Continuing to improve our waste management!

This year we have focussed on reducing our waste and improving our overall waste management at St. Joseph’s. This is part of our Waste Module renewal but also part of our goal to lead and educate the community about best waste practice. Waste education is part of our lessons in Environmental Science at every year level but we know that sustainability education extends beyond the classroom. Because of this, we have engaged the community in waste management and environmental stewardship through clean ups and sustainability events, the I Sea I care program, teaching others through Little Kids, Big Ideas and Take 3 for the Sea presentations and organising community recycling schemes.

While have also had lots of success in decreasing our landfill and engaging the community since implementing soft plastics recycling, battery recycling, coffee pod recycling and continuing to improve our compost but we know that we can do more!

Recently, we worked with our environmental captains completed a detailed waste and litter audit of the school. We checked indoor and outdoor recycling and landfill bins and collected and sorted all the litter found on school grounds. It was great that to see little contamination in our bins (paper/cardboard comingled and soft plastics bins had hardly any contamination!) but we found that there was a significant amount of stationery being sent to landfill (and some littered on our grounds), a lot of paper being used and some food waste in our landfill bins.

After some research and action planning, we now realise we need to have a collection point for stationary within each classroom. After action planning with our Sustainability Leader, we have decided that as of 2020, each class will have a container to send off to “TerraCycle” who are working with BIC to recycle old stationery and makes new items from old like pavers and plastic furniture. This will help us to divert these items from landfill and raise awareness in the community. We will also take part in regular “Emu Bobs” (whole school clean ups) to stop these items polluting our environment.

We look forward to continuing to reduce our waste and help others in the community understand why this is so important.

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