Copperfield College – Case Study

Copperfield College, a multi-campus school located in Sydenham, Kings Park and Delahey, is absolutely committed to providing the very best pathway for every student. Central to this is the strongly held belief that ‘all students can learn’ given the right conditions.

Our structure is unique as we have grown from one original school. We now have two junior campuses at Kings Park and Sydenham for Year 7 – 10 students and a VCE/VCAL/VET campus at Delahey for Year 11 & 12 students. It is our belief that this environment is best for the learning development of adolescents and for young adults.
Our mantra ‘Three homes, one family’ is used as a metaphor to describe the way we think about our school. It is one school with three campuses. There is a family vision, family plans for improvement and everyone who interacts with us is part of the family – students, parents and staff.
Our improvement journey is exciting and bearing public fruit in the form of outstanding VCE results. We have also been awarded a National Curriculum Innovation prize for our work on improving VCE and the Culture of the Delahey Campus, 2012 Mathematics and Science Excellence Award for our environmental local conference.
We have been working on Sustainability since 2007 and have had many achievements and awards. Read our case study to find out more!