Core Module Case Study – Kew East Primary School

Environment Club

At Kew East PS we have a very active and enthusiastic Environment Club of 35 students from Levels 2-4.

Each week the Environment Club meets to eat together, share ideas and to work on various projects. One of our most exciting and successful projects is our sustainable veggie patch. All produce is chosen by members and grown from organic seeds planted and raised in our seeding shed. Seasonal veggies are picked and sumptuous feasts are prepared and enjoyed by the students.

The members are also responsible for collecting and sorting the recycling each fortnight, as well as emptying the compost into the worm farm. With a compost bin in every classroom and the staff room, that’s a lot of food for our hungry worms! Many children have also developed compost, worm farms and veggie gardens at home as a result of their work at school. The environmental message is being taken home and to the wider community!

Members are also responsible for monitoring energy in their own classrooms, ensuring lights, heaters and computers are switched off each evening.

Our Rubbish Free Lunch drives are a great success and, as a result, the amount of lunch rubbish and landfill has lessened considerably. The students are learning to become more responsible with their waste and there is a whole school commitment that supports our new rubbish free lunch ideals. The Environment Club are behind Rubbish Free Lunch drives and lead by example in their classrooms. They have written articles promoting the initiative for the school newsletter, performed at assembly and have also conducted surveys as a follow up after the initial drive.

This year, we planted over 600 grass and tree seeds native to the Kew area with Rotary. When grown, these seedlings will be planted down at Hays Paddock along the Yarra River to regenerate the land.

Water conservation is encouraged, and containers are placed beneath drinking taps to catch excess water. This is then collected and used on the garden beds. We are also making the shift to using only 100% recycled paper from post consumer waste, and this will be fully implemented in 2007.

Thanks to our school recycling program, Kew East PS is well on the way to being a more waste wise and sustainable school. With many more exciting projects on the horizon, the members of the Kew East Primary Enviro Club are enjoying learning about environmental sustainability and love sharing their knowledge with their peers and family members.

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