Core Module Case Study – Toorak Primary School

Sustainability at Toorak Primary School in 2008

This year, Toorak Primary School worked on the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Core Module. We had four goals for the year:
1. To promote sustainability practices at Toorak Primary School through a series of whole-school events.
2. To audit and monitor Toorak Primary School’s energy, water and paper usage and enter into SETS.
3. To keep up-to-date with the latest school sustainability practices by connecting with the Green Schools Network and other organisations.
4. To continue the work of the student ‘Green Team’ through group activities.

How these goals were achieved in Term 1:
> The Green Team were formed – election of 2 children from each class in Grade 1 – 6.
> Clean Up Schools Day – afternoon of cleaning up school with designated areas for each class.
> Stonnington Green Team Training Day – Held at Phoenix Park Library. Green Team created a yearly action plan and meet other schools in the Green Schools Network.
> Set up a noticeboard for Sustainability and Green Team projects.
> Earth Hour – Turned off all non-essential lighting and make sure everything is switched off for the holidays.
> Rubbish Free Lunch Week – A week where students were encouraged to reduce their lunch waste..

How these goals were achieved in Term 2:
> Two staff professional development sessions about sustainability, as done by CERES Environment Park.
> Schools Energy Tracking System – started entering data into School Environment Tracking System (SETS) in order to audit schools’ energy, water and resource use.
> Introduction of Energy Saver of the week – Green Team reps gave an award each week for best Energy Saver Classroom.
> Bubbler tap system – Set up system for buckets under bubbler taps to water garden.
> Reintroduction of compost system – Green Team members to emptied each classes’ bins and cleaned them.

How these goals were achieved in Term 3:
> LCD TV screen installed in loppy – to display environmental auditing results and whole school events.
> Walk to School Safely Day – Families who walked to school on this day received a free breakfast.
> Stonnington Sustainable Living Expo Schools Day – Green Team attended Expo and assisted with the Green Schools Network table. .
> Melbourne Water River Health Youth Conference, Flemington Race Course – A team of Grade 5/6 students presented at a 2 day conference about river health.
> World Environment Day – Big school celebration with special events at lunchtime and assembly.

How these goals were achieved in Term 4:
> Designation of ‘eating area’ – If students still have wrappers in their hands, they sat in this area until they are finished eating to reduce rubbish in the playground.
> Switch Off Week – for one week, everything was turned off at the power point.
> Energy saving light bulbs fundraiser through change a million light bulb – this raised money for the school and educated our community about energy saving measures.
> National Threatened Species Day – the school hosted a dress-up day (Australian animals) with prizes and awareness about threatened and endangered animals.
> National Bird Day – the school bought a bird bath for the garden to help the local fauna cope with the drought. These were be filled with bubbler tap water.

Other achievements in 2008:
* Sustainability School Policies – with the help of CERES and the City of Stonnington, the school designed its first ever sustainability policy which was passed as part of a formal report to School Council.
* SETS – we worked out that we have reduced our waste, electricity and gas use, water use and paper use in the last two years.

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