Earth Hour Day at Strathaird!

Earth Hour Day

Strathaird held a very successful Earth Hour Day on Friday the 23rd of March. All classrooms and ICT systems were switched off between 2:15pm—3:15pm. Classes completed various activities during the hour, all without the need for any electricity. We used the SEEP program (School’s Energy Efficiency Program) to help us monitor electricity saved for the hour. You can see on the graph above, a huge drop in electricity usage from 2:15pm onwards. Altogether we saved 30.48kWh of electricity, this is the equivalent of 713 black balloons full of carbon dioxide that we prevented from entering the atmosphere. Well done everyone!! ENergy Warriors also used this hour to complete an enery audit of the whole school. The results from this audit show us that we are doing a lot of great things to save energy here at SPS. We also learnt that we could save a lot more by leaving less appliances on standby e.g. unplugging our IWB/TV’s at the wall at the end of the school day.

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