EcoTeam Term 3 Goal – Soft Plastic Bin Re-introduction

EcoTeam Term 3 Goal:

To raise awareness of the impact of soft plastic on the environment, and to explore how we can reduce our consumption of soft plastic.

In Grades 3/4, the soft plastic bins will be reintroduced to the classrooms. There will be a competition for the T/NH classes and the C/D/KC classes to see who can reduce their plastic the most. A baseline figure will be collected in Week 1 of Term 3 for each bin, and the goal will be set to reduce the amount of soft plastic pieces to less than 5 pieces per child per week (and further, if need be).

The results will be recorded on a chart that was made by Alexandra, and the progress will be measured weekly.

To help in this endeavour, a SeeSaw post will be sent out to all families at the beginning of Term 3 to ask parents to send less soft plastic in students’ lunchboxes. Suggestions will be given to help parents reduce the amount of packaged food in lunchboxes.

The soft plastic collected in this challenge could be either donated to RedCycle or used to create a soft plastic sculpture (see image below).

Moving forwards, the 3/4s could become ambassadors and helpers to teach the rest of the school about how we can reduce our soft plastic and help the environment to thrive.

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