Energy Audit

On Tuesday July 26th, a man calle Mark Smith came to C.S.P.S. He came to help us do our energy audit and teach us about the importance of raising awareness about the usage of our school’s energy.

He gave us some pretty nifty gadgets that looked like they came out of the movie Ghostbusters which helped us measure the light and temperature in the rooms. We then went around the school to measure the light and temperature in each room as well as counting t he amount of lights and other energy sources.

We then got together and shared our information we had collected to create a speech which we then presented to the teachers at the staff meeting. We had a great time sharing what we had learnt with the teachers. Overall we had a great day and learnt so much. More information to come your way so keep an ear out.

Written by Scout and Aliya on behalf of the whole team (Scout, Aliya, Indigo, Keira, Mali and Liana).

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