Energy audit

Energy Audit with Planet Savers:
On Tuesday last week 8 children from the Yr 3-6 area were involved in an energy audit with Mark from PlanetSavers. As part of the energy module of ResourceSmart our school needs to undertake an energy audit and then to report on their findings to the school community. During this coming week the children will be presenting a powerpoint they prepared with the data they collected. From all of this research they have proposed a number of actions that we need to undertake as a community. The following are some comments made by the children involved:
Thane- I discovered our Lux levels are too high even when the lights are off, so we don’t need to have all our lights on all the time. We are now going to label the lights and putting up signs to remind everyone to turn off things like your heater, lights, interactive whiteboards and fans.
Ramneekjot- I was checking the temperature in each of the rooms and finding out about the electricity we use. We made a powerpoint from the energy audit and included a quiz for the teachers.
Arnav- The EAT team (energy audit team) is helping to save energy all around Mother Teresa PS. We are helping by- switching lights off; switching heaters off (unless it is really cold); switching the power points off when it isn’t being used; and, helping everyone to save energy.
Latasha- I went around Studio by Studio to see what the Lux level was and the temperature. We were taking photos. We were also finding out how much energy we were using and how much it costs.
Mia- On Tuesday 30th I did an energy audit with a group. We had to put on a special vest. We used special tools to help us work the temperature, it was fun. I also learnt a few things.
Max- On Tuesday I was in a group to see the amount of energy that we are using. We were also looking at the temperature in the corners of the Learning Studios. On Wednesday I helped to create a chart to work out how many signs we would need and then we created a sign each, I did the one for the Interactive Whiteboards to be turned off.

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