Energy Case Study – Beaconsfield Upper Primary School

On our journey to become a sustainable school, our students are leading the way with their increasing knowledge and passion for reducing their footprint on our planet.

In 2011, Energy management became a major focus for our school and our community. For the past 5 years, B.U.P.S has been undergoing updates to almost all buildings. As part of this process, energy efficiencies such as insulation, natural airflow through buildings, blinds, verandahs and north facing windows, have been part of the design outcome. We have also gained funding from the National Solar Schools Program Grant to install solar panels on our new stadium roof.

In Term 1, an energy audit was undertaken by Planet Savers Australia, with Mark Smith providing a report with actions we can take to conserve energy and reduce our costs. These recommendations have been included in our Sustainability Action Plan for action in 2011 and onwards.

In Term 2, our students were involved in our annual Sustainability Fair with Energy being the 2011 focus. Students at all levels investigated a wide range of energy topics, developing hands on activities and workshops to share their knowledge with other students.
– Level 1 students created a transport story
– Level 2 students created games with an Energy Saving Focus
– Level 3 students created different types of energy to move toys/objects
– Level 4 students created amazing Claymation stories on Renewable Energy and Sustainable transport options.

Walk /Ride/Scoot to School days were organized each term with our level 3 Envirokids collecting weekly statistics of students and teachers in each grade, walking or riding or scooting to school. Best performing grade is celebrated at each assembly and in our weekly newsletter.

Our Envirokids are also responsible for turning off lights and computers and each day our level 3 envirokids announce the “Dress For The Weather” for the following day.

We are looking forward to finding even more ways in which to curb our energy usage and encourage our community to come along for the ride.

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