Energy Case Study – Star of the Sea

Throughout 2012 the school community has focussed on Energy as part our ongoing Sustainability Awareness. With help from the St Kilda Ecocentre, a small band of students – The Ballygriffins – learnt how to read and monitor the school’s (hidden from sight) gas and power meters, leading up to Earth Hour. Our Earth Hour was held on a Friday outside of the official weekend Earth Hour. These readings were used by our Environment Captain Issy on World Environment Day at an assembly to show students and staff how ‘ The Power of The Finger ‘ can make real savings – economically and environmentally- with the flick of a switch a decrease from baseline data of 7% for gas and 5% for power was recorded.

To reinforce this message and to immerse students ‘energetically’, the Star of the Sea College Science Department devoted Science Week to all things Energy.

Attached is our busy week’s schedule. Your school may find some ideas in here !

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