Energy Conservation

At St Joseph’s Black Rock the students are very careful with the use of electricity. As part of the Grade 5 /6 currriculum every second year, the students learn about sustainable energy types and practices.

On a Wednesday afternoon the Green Team visit every class to monitor the use of energy within the classroom.

Heaters or coolers are checked to make sure they are on the right temperature 20 degrees for Winter and 24 for cooling in Summer [as recommended by an energy audit at the school in 2015]

The Green team also Manages the lights and other electrical devices being turned off for five minutes every Wednesday afternoon[Five minutes of Earth Hour]

This Term, the Grade 5/ 6 children worked with the St Kilda Eco centre on creating some videos to promote sustainable use of energy.

They began by viewing some mocumentaries/clips done by professionals and other schools promoting one of the four modules. Techniques were discussed and ideas documented in groups over a couple of weeks. Scripts were written and then finally the clips were made. These are two examples :

Video 1

Video 2

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