Energy – plus a bit of water!

Braybrook College has been working on sustainability education and environmental issues for a long time. Our school is blessed with having a beautiful landscape with many trees on the Ballarat Rd frontage, which create a lovely atmosphere. We’ve cared for them during the drought and now have a great water tank that has been strategically placed to capture water for them!

In 2009 we received our Federal Government and State Government grants for solar. Through these grants we were able to undertake a number of energy efficiency changes in the school. Our Solar Panels are positioned about the Home Economics room – so that all the students can see them as they move in the corridor. We have our live feed of data from the panels on the intranet and the school website:
Timers and sensor switches were installed through our grant money. Sensor switches are now in most of storerooms around the school as well as the staff and student toilets. This means that lights can’t be accidentally left on all day or even all weekend! Lockable light switches have been installed in the student corridors so that the switch can be “locked off” to prevent the lights from being turned on at all. Most days of the year we find that we don’t need them on anyway!
Staff are reminded of our environmental achievements through notices in the toilets. We’ve found it a good place to put up signs and notices – they’re always read.
The students formed an environment “portfolio” on the SRC. Students have decided to fund raise for additional solar panels for the schools. Student representatives have also attended a number of workshops and conferences at other venues to improve their knowledge. Students have also assisted with the monitoring of Braybrook College “Earth Hour” and recycling. Regular home group and assembly activities related to sustainability continue discussion of the topic.
In 2009 we completed the Bronze level of Water LiLi and were featured in the local media via City West Water. We’ve now moved on to the Silver level and we proudly feature our sign on the front fence along with the one for completion of SWEP.
The College acknowledge the importance of this area by creating a position of responsibility for two staff in the area of sustainability education and recycling. This has allowed us to continue working on our AuSSI Vic modules and other important areas. Our motto is displayed in a number of areas: Braybrook College – caring for the environment!
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