Energy Savers at Harvest Home

HHPS Energy Learning Story


In term four, students explored and found out about renewable energy. They researched and explored the benefits of renewable energy and the impact it can have on the planet. During the exploring stage, students designed and built wind cars, they used a range of recycled items that would have ended up in landfill. The students in year five and six even got to race their wind cars!

Students then identified a problem, they had to solve that problem using a sustainable solution (renewable energy source). Then they designed and built their idea. These ideas were showcased at the HHPS Makers’ Faire on the 4th December. This event is open to school and local community.



Students in grade 5 participated in an energy audit. To discover the energy usage and comparison of different learning areas how much light is being emitted. How much power is being used in each community and using scientific equipment like lux metres and digital thermometers to calculate the temperature of the rooms.

Thank you to our facilitator Jane From CERES for assisting our energy audit. The students were surprised to discover that the communities further away from central plaza had an overall increase in temperature compared to the other learning communities they investigated.    


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