Energy Savings at CEPS in 2017

This year, SRC members conducted an energy audit of use in the main building and in portables, making recommendations to help students remember to close doors and turn items off when not in use by making signs and posters. Fun, hands on Science lessons have been conducted with every year level throughout 2017 to inform and explore how we can save energy at home and

Reusing saves energy

Balloon rockets transfer stored energy

at school. Posters and digital presentations about renewable energy were part of the year 5 and 6 students’ lessons.

Our use of energy at CEPS is monitored and savings made in various ways. The biggest saving has been by using email and internet technology instead of paper as our main form of communication with our community. This includes newsletters, notices and student reporting. Our lights are on automatic sensors which turn lights off when no movement is sensed as well as nightly at 7PM. Technology is off when not in use and shutting most appliances during holiday times saves drawing unnecessary power. Our Electrical and gas energy use is well below the average benchmark in schools with over $ 25 saved per student during this year.

Finally our display of CEPS Sustainability Journey was well received by the community as part of our Inquiry Expo. Parents were able to see photos of our activities and examples of recycled paper students made in years 1 and 2.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of sustainability learning and improvements in 2018.

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