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Our facebook page is a platform to engage and connect teachers from around Australia who share a common interest in sustainability and how best to teach it within the context of the classroom.

A place for teachers to share and discuss ideas, pose questions and collaborate with others as part of the global movement to create a more sustainable future. Teaching should be a communal effort.

Get involved and become a vocal part of your community!

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To educate young Australians for a sustainable future

Voted the best online environmental resource by News Limited

Breakfast cereal coming soon… (Just kidding).

Our product is not something tangible. In the name of sustainability, we do not send you a great big text book via snail mail, that would not only be contradictory but totally old school! Our product is our website.

Our resources are all online at for you (the teacher) to use as you desire; whether that be via a Smart Board or printing (on recycled paper of course!).

Our resources are not just text based, but involve videos, games, quizzes and a whole host of interactive mediums to ensure learning about the environment is fun!

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