Frankston students taking the lead in the community

Frankston High School has a strong student lead Environment Committee. They play a vital role in educating members of the school community about issues affecting the environment.

In 2008 they decided to organise and run Environmentally focussed workshops based around the themes of water, energy and waste. They presented these to year 8 classes during term 3. They ensured the workshops were interactive whilst still providing students with the information they needed to make better decisions in their daily lives.
This year the Environment committee decided to take these workshops to primary schools in the local area. During term 3 of this year they were successful in adapting the workshops and running them for year 4 students at Derinya PS.
The students received great feedback from both staff and students at Derinya PS. They now plan to expand the workshops to more primary schools in the local area in 2010.
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