Fun in the sun for the chooks of St Jo’s

The last few weeks at St Jo’s has seen a welcome development to the chickens’ lives because the students have begun to take them out of the coop to free range them around the kitchen garden and wetlands. The girls seem so happy to be out and about, and they are wonderful pest controllers too, munching on snails, slugs, caterpillars, as well as millipedes, slaters, earwigs and all sorts of other goodies. The kids have to keep a close eye on them though, left unchecked they like to munch on the vegies, and disappear into hidey-holes. Here are some pics of our beautiful girls roaming free (with cuddles along the way).

By St Joseph's Catholic Primary School|2018-08-30T12:05:44+10:00August 20th, 2018|0 Comments