Goulburn Valley Grammar School – Water Module Case Study

Case study comment – Water Module

Late 2011, Goulburn Valley Grammar School (GVGS) continued our ResourceSmart AussiVic journey by embarking on the Water module with the help of Ant Mangelsdorf, our CERES (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies) facilitator.

At GVGS we strive for our students, staff and our wider school community to become active, independent learners who act with consideration for the environment. We aim to become a sustainable school and reduce our impact on the environment through action and knowledge.

Through the Water Module we have:

  • Taken part in staff professional development led by our CERES facilitator and our Sustainability Leader Ant Mangelsdorf.

  • Entered our baseline data onto the SETS website and are monitoring our water, gas and electricity usage.

  • Written a school based Sustainability Policy.

  • Developed an Action Plan for the Water Module and are continuing to work through this.

  • Recognized and documented our prior achievements within Sustainability.

To complement our involvement in the Water Module, we have also elected a Prefect Sustainability Leader (student leader). This leader in conjunction with the Environment and Sustainability Group (ESG), a student based body, will help to drive sustainable initiatives within our school community.

Part of our ongoing environmental learning at GVGS involves Sustainability through the course document written into our school curriculum.

This year GVGS has already conducted a number of events that aim to educate students, staff and wider school community to be more environmentally aware. These have included hosting the International Conference On Sustainability (ICOS), where student’s utilized base line data to come up with action plans in core areas. Earth hour was also conducted at school, which required students and staff to turn off electronic devices for one hour.

Through the Water Module and CORE module, we have become more aware of the ways we can improve our practices in order to become a more sustainable school and we look forward to the continuation of this journey.

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