Green Future for Northcote High School

With the environmental future of the world in the hands of our younger generation, school is the ultimate place for many to begin leading a greener lifestyle. Many schools now have environmental groups where
kids discuss how they can make their school more sustainable and I met up with a year eleven member of Northcote High School’s Green Team, Eleanor Jorgensen. She says she joined Green Team “Because I was interested in environmental activism and I actually wanted to DO something about it rather than just know about it”. Eleanor has been in Green Team since she was in year nine, and says it has changed a lot. “We only had fifteen members when I joined and this year we have sixty. When I started it was more along the lines of a group of friends talking about the environment and then at the last minute getting together and actually doing something!”

Because of the dramatic rise of students in Green Team this year, the team has been divided up into three subgroups; Water, Waste and Energy. Each group has already come up with ideas for ways to make Northcote High more sustainable, along with plans for many fundraisers which will be held throughout the year. Last year, Green Team raised $1,500 to buy solar panels which now power a whole building at the school.

This year, Eleanor is the leader of the Water subgroup and says that they are planning to raise money for more water tanks and a rain garden, which is designed to capture stormwater and purify it before it enters creeks and rivers. For Eleanor, though, this is just the beginning. “I’d prefer it if in the future, Northcote High was off the grid, producing no electricity and just using sustainable sources of energy, reusing all of its water and essentially being a self-sustaining school.” With more and more of our younger generation thinking this way, we are looking at a green future not only for Northcote High, but for all schools with students who are informed about and inspired to step up and take responsibility for the sustainability of the world.
By Anna Langford

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