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Green Machine News – 1st April 2021

Green Machine has had a busy few weeks. Thanks to all of the wonderful families who donated their Woolworths seeds to us. We have planted hundreds of seeds over the last few weeks and are already seeing lots of growth with these seedlings. It is very exciting to watch!
Luckily Monday lunchtime was a beautiful sunny day. We were able to weed all of the barrels/baths and composted the soil, to prepare it for planting after the holidays. Thanks to the teachers who help support this and the keen students who have offered to take and care for the plants over the holidays. It is a wonderful team effort.
Earth Hour was celebrated on Saturday 27th March and has always been for everyone. This Earth Hour, people everywhere were encouraged to make the ‘Switch for Nature’ to support Australia’s switch to a renewables-based economy.
Simple switches you can make in your daily life can help our planet. You could:
– Switch to solar power.
– Switch your ride (eg. walk instead of drive)
– Or just switch off your lights for Earth Hour to show your support for Australia becoming a renewables powerhouse.
If your family took part in Earth Hour, we would love to hear about it. Please email to let Green Machine know about what you did. Maybe if you missed the official Earth Hour, you may like to do your own ‘Earth Hour’ on the holidays. We would love to hear about the actions you and your family are taking to help conserve our planet.
Thanks again and remember… Stay Green!
Janine Wright and Zoe Whitaker

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