Green Team Trophy

Holy Spirit Green Team Trophy 2012

Here at Holy Spirit Primary School this term, we have been presenting a trophy during our school assembly on Thursday. It has been well received and looked after by the students and their teachers.

We made this trophy by reusing, rethinking, recycling and reducing old washed up nude food containers that people left at school and never came back for. We made the trophy out of Sistema brand containers x3, a Smiggle container, nude food lids and a metal spoon. We did it because there were too many abandoned containers that no one wanted. There were too many containers in the box that it started to over flow. We also thought that if we simply threw them away then we would be contributing to the landfill problem in Australia.

We award a certificate and trophy for individuals or classes that are acting in an environmentally ‘green way’. We found out that there was too much landfill at our school using the data from the SETS program, so we decided to give the trophy to the class with the least amount of landfill and recycling and so we change the award every fortnight. Each fortnight we inspect all the classes and the class with the least amount of either, they will be given the trophy. We are beginning to observe students out in the yard who are picking up litter and placing it in the correct bins.

The school is constantly looking to become more and more environmentally aware each day. This is just one small step to demonstrate how the human race can stop littering and wasting resources. There is always a better end result than more landfill.

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