Hanging with Al Gore

By Kirsty Costa – CERES Education Group Manager

Al GoreI walked into the Climate Reality Leadership training exhausted and brain-dead after a busy Term 3. I walked out inspired and filled with renewed energy to help people understand and tackle climate change!

In the last week of June, 525 leaders from 32 countries participated in three days of Climate Reality Leadership Training in Melbourne. The days were packed-full of presentations and workshops from Australian experts working in the fields of emergency services, health, communications and community development. Also in attendance were two of the most well-recognised climate scientists in the world. We also heard from people working on projects in Indonesia, India and the Philippines.

On top of this, I was privileged to spend 8 hours listening to Al Gore present and speak about the challenges and solutions to climate change.
When I shook Mr Gore’s hand and introduced myself as being from CERES, he responded, “Oh the education centre”. Wow! Al Gore knows CERES! He is a truly inspirational leader and the world should be incredibly thankful for his endless work to protect our future.

My Climate Reality Leadership training is one of the most valuable and important events of my life. It has helped me better understand climate science and engage community in different projects.

I have now committed to 10 acts of leadership, including climate change workshops and presentations. If you are interested in me attending your business, organisation or community group – I can be contacted via kirsty@ceres.org.au

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