Higgins Road Reserve Clean Up

On March 9 the Year 6 Environment and Activity Groups from St Paul’s Primary School in Bentleigh cleaned up Hodgson Reserve in Higgins Road\. The Reserve is important to our school and community and it provides a place for our children to play and local residents to walk in a green environment. The local dog school also uses the Reserve and there is also a bowling green and football oval.

St Paul’s students walked through the reserve, visiting the playground, gardens and oval. Students were armed with rubber gloves and plastic bags to collect any litter found at the reserve. We were surprised by how little rubbish there was in the reserve. We think Glen Eira Council maintains it well and when our students play at the park each lunchtime, they don’t bring any food with them which reduces litter.

Our students found a lot of litter, however, between the footpath and the naturestrip between the school and the park. There were a lot of cigarette butts which get washed down the storm water drain and into local waterways.

Students felt proud that their local Reserve is being cared for but were disappointed with the litter in the street. Our school will use this experience to continue to educate the community about reducing litter and waste.

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