How do Flowers Drink?

Over the week, we have been talking about nature with our kinder children. We discussed resources we had in the centre as some of them are natural like plants and some of them are man made for example lego, tables and chairs. some of the older children were wondering whether the plants are living things. So, in order to clear up the confusion, we set up an experiment with flowers, water and food colouring to find out about how flowers drink water to help them grow and to prove they are living things in the environment.

We invited our children to take photos of the flowers prior to the experiment starting and then progressively after each drop of food colouring was added into the jars with water and flowers. We explained to our kinder children that the experiment usually requires us to wait for a period of time as the flowers might need time to pill the water up through their stems to the their petals.

The next day when we came back t the centre, some of our children noticed there was something different about the petals. They had changed colour! This was proof that the plants had taken up the water through their stems and were in fact alive.

The experience involved natural science, language learning, group participation for our kinder children to extend their current interests and knowledge about plants and nature which will positively guide and influence them in their future learning.

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