How Menzies Creek P.S. Became Rubbish Free!

Menzies Creek Primary School is a lovely community located in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. We are very lucky to have an amazing natural environment for our students, their families and the wider community to enjoy.

For a long time we had encouraged ‘nude food’ and had implemented measures to reduce our waste. For us the next logical step was to eliminate our rubbish altogether.

We decided that we would become a Rubbish Free School. The Sustainability Sub-Committee of our School Council developed a Rubbish Free Policy and determined how it would all work.

We then removed all bins from the classrooms, staffroom etc. We now have each classroom with a small hygiene bin that is for disposing of tissues, bandaids etc and this is taken away through a council bin each week. We no longer have a dumpster which is great for not only our waste reduction, but this has also been a huge financial saving for the school.

To ensure that the community is aware of why this change was important, we incorporated the concept of waste reduction into our curriculum and gave advice an tips to families through our newsletter. Our Year 6 Sustainability Captain was interviewed by the local paper about the process and the difference it has made to the school.

We have had a very positive response to this from our school community and have had enquiries from other schools that would like to implement the same policy. We would strongly recommend this change to all other schools!

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