I sea, I care 1st Workshop for 2019

Hi Sustainability Community,

On Wednesday last week, we took the Moonraker from Sorrento Pier out to sea and explored an underwater world.

Our first stop were the seals. There were over 50 seals in the colony. Seals were swimming, dancing, pushing and playing. Seals put up quite the show and made everyone laugh. When we jumped off the boat we snorkeled and saw huge rays that were gliding along the floor. We learned that the amazing creatures are not dangerous and that you could actually touch them.

Our second stop was to a seaweed reef. We saw fish big, small, glistening and plain. Some seals were there too and that’s when questions were formed. Once we were back on the Moonraker again, we asked Sue our burning questions.

It was lots of fun to swim and to feel what it would be like to live in the sea. Now we have a new way of appreciating our marine life. We also learned that 1 garbage truck worth of rubbish a minute is floating into our oceans from our waterways/people littering. This is why we need to stop using plastic. This is our main focus for this year..

Please dispose of your rubbish carefully and try to bring nude food!

Your I Sea I Care team

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