i sea, i care

On Thursday 9th March, the iseaicare Ambassadors, Jacob, Bianca, Breanna, Jasper and Logan met Mrs Slavin at the Sorrento Pier. The team were there to take a journey on the Moonraker boat to see dolphins, swim with the seals and snorkel around the Portsea Pier to find sea dragons. The iseaicare Ambassadors have the job of learning about, and looking after marine life so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

Once we got to the pier we had to find flippers and a wetsuit that fitted us. The first thing we saw were dolphins. Some came up next to the boat and swam under the boat. We were told that the dolphins like to swim in the froth of the waves. After about 20 minutes we started to go towards the seals and we saw a baby dolphin with its parents.

At Chinaman’s Hat, we swam among the seals. They smelt disgusting but they were adorable. It was funny to see them pushing each other off the platform they sat on. We learnt that the way they communicate is by a noise that sounded like an evil laugh. When Logan was looking under the water he saw them spin around and one smiled at him.

Later on the trip the boat took us to look for sea dragons. Most of us didn\’t have luck until Logan and Breanna saw a worker from the boat waving his hands to attract them over and they saw the spectacular sea dragon. It was a rusty sand colour. The sea dragons hid cleverly in the coral and it was like they were invisible.

On the way back to Sorrento Pier we were given a hot chocolate to warm us up. It warmed us up and got us ready for the last swim. We swam with the current and looked for more fish. We felt like we were flying! We learnt how fast you could be swept out to sea and it was super hard to swim against the current.
It was a fabulous day and one we will remember for ever. We look forward to receiving a certificate and badge now we are Ambassadors for iseaicare.

By the iseaicare Ambassadors

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