i sea, i care program in its second year at St Catherine’s

The ‘i sea, i care’ Ambassador program supports the Year 6 Leadership program by delivering messages about caring for our Earth to a much larger audience. The goal is to make valuing our Living Marine Treasures a normal part of the culture. There are 4 excursions, one per term, that are hands-on.  The Ambassadors then return to school and teach younger students about their learning.

Late last December, students had the opportunity of putting in an application for the position.  Upon selection, these students enjoyed a day out in Port Phillip Bay enjoying the beauty of our environment, looking at dolphins at play, swimming up close and personal to seals and exploring the underwater world of the weedy sea dragon.

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In first term, we began to learn about our human impact on all the beauty that is before us and how to teach our peers.  In one outing, we followed the drains from Banyan Reserve in Chelsea to Mordialloc beach and saw just how much rubbish is in our waterways.

We noticed that even though the Council is working hard to contain the litter, there is so much more we can do. Teaching students back at school about how to care for the environment is vital to ensure our planet survives!

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