International Youth Coastal Conference – Kids teaching Kids


Early in October 2010, ten students from Clonard College flew to Caloundra Queensland to present a talk at the International Youth Coastal Conference. This conference is an Australia-wide education program based on the Kids Teaching Kids concept which has been set up by ‘Young Australian of the Year’ Arron Wood. This program encourages students to become informed on environmental issues and then share what they have learnt with other young people.

We applied to be presenters and chose to run some hands-on activities on the impact humans are having on the Swan Bay ecosystem. We felt that this would be a great choice as this area is of great ecological significance as both a fish nursery and a RAMSAR site.

We spent time with Phil Amarto from the Marine Discovery Centre who acted as our mentor and provided us with specific knowledge of the Swan Bay environment and issues.

We used this information about local species to create two different activities, one about food webs and the consequences of messing with the system, the other was a fishing game to familiarise other kids with some of the endangered organisms such as the Orange Bellied Parrot in Swan Bay, and to discuss the ecological issues faced due to human impact.

We feel that we learnt so much from this experience. It was a great opportunity to teach others about an area of significance to us and that we were immensely concerned about. Presenting to other students gave us a really rewarding feeling. We are very proud of what we achieved. We hope to continue doing work in the Swan Bay area. We hope to expand our school involvement in conservation work and improve signage to educate fisherman about the difference between the 11 native species of Armed Seastar and the introduced Northern Pacific Seastar. We are very thankful for the opportunity Kids Teaching Kids has given our group.

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