ISC Students attend 2011 River Health Conference

On Sunday the 23rd to Wednesday the 26th of October Nikolas Blekic, Regan Munro, Brooke Phipps, Elora Matheson, Leesa Gregurke, Kaitlyn Gilmour, Meg Downes, Tyson Mclean, Stephanie Rochester, Hayley Davis, Cameron Mackenzie, Miss Muston, Mrs Pearson and I, attended the 2011 International Kids Teaching Kids River Health Conference, in Adelaide.

The conference is about youths taking leading roles as the teacher and it was founded by Sunraysia local Arron Wood, (2007 Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year Award winner). The Kids Teaching Kids Conference is about teaching other like minded youths about environmental issues and ways to prevent or fix these issues through different means. For example, dance, debating, a play and hands on activities. Issues covered were the floods, our rivers, wetlands, sustainability, recycling, native animals, salinity etc.
As delegates, we presented a workshop called the ‘Blackwater Blues’. This was presented through a dance, a song, a play and a ‘head to head’ game show. Our workshop was about the blackwater event that occurred in the Murray River and how native animals were affected. Our message was that ‘Nature Knows Best’, we can’t fix all the environmental issues out there. Sometimes Mother Nature knows best, bad things happen and sometimes good things come out of it. We also presented our superhero capes that had our message on them.
We took part in the ‘Expert Panel Superheroes Game Show’, which was hosted by two stand up comedians Harley Breen and Dave Thornton. Team One consisted of Jason Tyndall 2010 Young Achiever of the year SA, Sarah Hanson-Young Australian Greens Senator and Jody Swirepik Executive Director of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority. On team Two was Kaitlin Taylor Youth Environment Council of SA, Ben Bruce Director of Science Department of Water and Clare Peddie Environment Writer with the Advertiser Newspapers. It gave conference delegates a chance to ask questions about the environment and test out the panel’s knowledge with some comedy.
On Monday night, we attended the Gala Dinner where Channel Ten’s ‘Before the Game’ presenter and ‘The Age’ journalist, Samantha Lane was the MC for the night. Hannah Greensshields preformed a song and a band made up of four sisters called Stonefield preformed.
On the last day of the conference we took part in the Environmental Project Day at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Where we built bird boxes, learnt a hip-hop dance routine, learnt about indigenous culture, made seed clay balls and an activity called ‘have your say’ on social media.
Overall, the 2011 International Kids Teaching Kids River Health Conference was amazing. The conference was all about sharing ideas, meeting new people, improving leadership skills and having your say. I would like to thank Miss Muston and Mrs Pearson for all the hard work they put in and I would recommend the 2012 National Kids Teaching Kids next year to any interested students.

Katerina Blekic Year 10

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