Jane Goodall visits CERES

Inspiring actions that connect people with animals and our shared environment

On 11 June Dr Jane Goodall visited CERES! Dr Jane Goodall is ​a ​world-renowned scientist, humanitarian, conservationist, and UN Messenger of Peace. This unique experience involved Dr Jane taking a tour of Ceres, observing our organisation’s work, and watching her in action with passionate young representatives from the
Roots and Shoots program.

The Education teams got to spend a really lovely day with Dr Jane and be inspired by her lifelong dedication to the protection of our natural environment. We look forward to seeing early childhood centres and schools work with the Roots and Shoots program and inspire actions that connect people with animals and our shared environment.

“Thank you so much for having us – it was a really lovely day and so wonderful to see all of the amazing work that you are doing. Dr Jane really enjoyed it and we can’t wait to see where the Roots & Shoots and CERES partnership will go from here!”
Nancy Moloney, CEO, the Jane Goodall Institute Australia.

Check out the Jane Goodall Institute Australia website for ways you can make a difference.

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