Kambrya’s Environmental Team of 2018 Wrap Up

From earning our first Resource Smart Star last December to eagerly reaching for our second one this year with a focus on Waste, our environmental team has been working diligently to complete our Waste Audit as well as to help our Kambrya community become more sustainable. Each subschool has 2-3 sustainability captains that have been performing their roles attentively as we are continuing our stepping stones towards a greener environment.

> This year, our environmental team has organised a few activities, which included our Clean-up competition, environmental quizzes, etc., around the school to promote our goal.

> We have also joined workshops with CERES and the Nossal Environmental Summit 2018. These have been eye-opening experiences, especially as we are shooting for our second star.

> We have requested and systemised new bins around the school, which we hope will help us manage our wastes better in the following years to come. This year, we have BIN recycling our papers meticulously, have you??

> In Warin, we have begun community projects for each year level and the year nines have begun a very sustainable project – food waste composting! We are delighted to announce that composting food scraps has begun in Warin and is gradually being distributed throughout the school to help make waste reduction a priority in our school. In Warin, we have two large composting bins where the waste from our distributed composting bins go and, once broken down, can be used for the Warin year sevens’ veggie patch that has recently been started.

> The morning homegroup clean-ups aren’t directly linked to the sustainability crew, it has been successful so far

> Our members hope that our weekly newsletter has been allowing our work and effort to be acknowledged and attended. Additionally, our newly formed and updated environmental website is available to you on Kambrya’s main website.

A year has quickly passed by and we, as the Sustainability Crew, cannot be any prouder of our achievements this year. We would like to express our gratitude to all those that have contributed, acknowledged and appreciated our efforts and what we, as a whole Kambrya Community, have done. We are very close to successfully grabbing our second star, looking ahead to the third one which we will continue reaching for next year. Keep the spirits up, environmental sustainability ninjas! We cannot leave any footprints!!

This article was written by the Warin’s Sustainability Team

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