Killara Primary School Core Module Case study

In 2011 Killara Primary School in Sunbury undertook the Core Module, as funded by Hume City Council and facilitated by CERES. Over the past 5 years, our school has been working towards becoming more sustainable and in 2011 we formalized our program and created directions for the future.

Killara Primary School has four inquiry units per year for every year level. The units of inquiry are continuing to be developed to include hands-on learning and sustainability themes. Projects link in with home and community in order to foster sustainable behaviours in the wider community. Killara Primary also includes sustainability education in other areas of the curriculum, including Incursions, Numeracy, Literacy and student classroom monitors.
Killara Primary School has five water tanks that help to water the school’s gardens. We have planted drought resistant plants and uses mulch and synthetic turf to reduce water usage. Killara Primary also addresses leaks and dripping taps when they appear as well as investing in water-efficient appliances.
In the future, we hope to install more rain water tanks, update our classroom faucets and ensure that all toilets are dual flush.
Killara Primary School has a rubbish-free lunch day that happens once a week to reduce landfill waste. We collect organic waste to compost in every classroom by collecting our food waste in old newspaper. We promote picking up litter in the yard through our ‘Good Citizen’ program. In classrooms, we use electronic attendance programs instead of paper for taking the roles. Our interactive whiteboards also help us cut down on paper use in the classroom.
In the future, we hope to default all our printers to be double sided to reduce paper usage. We wish to expand our rubbish-free lunch days and reduce our litter further.
Every classroom at Killara Primary School has HERO (Heating Electricity Recycling Officer) who looks after sustainability eg. turning off heaters, lights and computers as well as looking after the recycling and compost systems. We use fluroscent tube lighting to reduce our energy by 80% and have an auto-shutdown program in our Computer Lab so that all computers are switched off at the end of the day. Killara Primary also promotes Walk to School Days to encourage sustainable transport use.
In the future, we would like to create a more comprehensive shut down program to turn off energy in the school. We hope to install sensor lighting and look into further green energy options.
Killara Primary School has been working on enhancing biodiversity in its school grounds in order to support indigenous plants and animals. We have had extensive tree planting, mulching and landscaping in our grounds. Some of our classrooms have ‘pets’ to encourage students to care for nature and learn how to look after other living things.
In the future, we’d like to expand our school garden program (with possibly installing a vegetable garden), harvest and plant our own seeds and continue to reduce our impact on the local environment eg. reducing litter so it doesn’t go into Blind Creek. We also want to enhance our school Garden Club to include more students.
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