Kingston Heath Primary School e-newsletter Project

The student Green Team at Kingston Heath PS decided to have an e-newsletter blitz and sign up as many families as possible to receive their weekly newsletter via email. They felt this would be an effective way to save paper, money and resources at the school.

Although a slip to fill out had been published in the newsletter on previous occasions the team felt a face-to face approach might work a little better. A roster was organized and the team set up a table to catch parents as they were arriving for drop off and pick up on designated days. Parents could fill in the slip on the spot or take it home and return the next day. All completed slips were entered into a draw for a prize.

Over the 3 day campaign 37 families signed up and the Green Team calculated that with the hardcopy, on average 3 double-sided sheets (often more) each week, the school would save:

  • 222 sheets saved a month
  • 555 sheets saved per term

= 2,220 sheets saved per year

The school now has, in total, 77 families signed up to receive an e-newsletter instead of a hardcopy, which is nearly half of the school families (48% of the school). The Green Team calculated the savings for the whole school:

  • 462 sheets saved per month
  • 1,155 pages saved per term

= 4,620 sheets saved per year!

WOW! That’s a lot of paper, trees, resources and money saved!

Contact: Emily Hui

Sustainability Coordinator

Phone: 9584 5805

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