Learning about energy with preschoolers!


Introducing the topic of “Energy” to pre-school children

Introducing energy to the children in our pre-school went with much enthusiasm and excitement. Notes were prepared to introduce ‘Energy’. Activities that children can see and participate in were planned. All opportunities that we can take to highlight the use and benefits of ‘Energy’ in our day-to-day life was taken.

When trying to understand “Energy”, we tried to simplify it with asking ourselves several questions;

  • What is Energy?
  • What are the different ways of finding energy?
  • What is energy used for?
  • What are some issues we have with energy?
  • How do we find solutions to problems with energy?

The presentation went smoothly, with most children paying attention and providing active participation. They were able to provide answers to question from the educator and ask questions. There were things to learn and remember. The topic was large and a complex and we needed several days of ‘mat-sessions’ to cover the topic. All sessions ended by children watching video clips regarding energy, which was the highlight of the sessions in their eyes.

Along with presentations and discussions, children got opportunities to see Energy in action. Children were able to participate in some activities. There was much conversation regarding energy the whole week. We took all opportunity inside the classroom and outside in the yard, in learning the way energy is helping us in our day-to-day life.

We will continue to discuss this topic and find activities children can be involved in to assist them with understanding and remembering this topic.

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