Learnscaping at Croydon West Primary School

Croydon West Primary School is committed to creating learnscapes for our students who are readily able to access authentic learning and explorative play opportunities in our many garden areas. Our students have been actively involved in designing and maintaining our various learning spaces and gardens at our school which now include: Bush Tucker Garden, Frog Habitat, Vegetable Patch, Orchard, Sensory Garden, Propagation Green House area, Discovery Garden, Peace Garden, Flower Garden, Dreamtime Forest Walk and many native gardens encouraging wildlife to our school.

Students have an understanding of the need to care for and nurture their environment and are regularly involved in the maintenance, design, construction of new and older projects. Each class attends a specialist session each week called Sustainable Futures. In these lessons, students learn about “thinking about forever” with many of the sessions involving learning about plants, seeds, biodiversity, propagation etc. With “Sustainability” as a curriculum driver, in line with VELS, our classroom units of work reflect our commitment to allowing our students to have a deep understanding of global environmental issues. We have a small Program Budget committed to this curriculum area but we enhance this with donations, grants, fund raising, competition prizes and extra funds approved by School Council. We enjoy competing in the State Schools Garden Awards and have won major and encouragement prizes over the previous years allowing us to use prizes to develop more areas of our gardens.  We are annually involved in the Schools Tree Planting Day and last year ran a whole school program which invited the school community to celebrate the environment. Last year we had the assistance of Conservation Volunteers to create pathways, mulching and planting areas in our Bush Tucker Garden.
Future Plans and visioning include: a larger student designed vegetable garden, further propagation work, more planting in the Bush Tucker garden, a Rain Garden which would help with water filtering but also to allow us to create a further example to our students of sustainable practice. We would also like to become more widely involved in local parks to help maintain and plant areas needing attention, to help recreate indigenous plantings where needed. We have previously been involved with CRISP (Community of Ringwood Indigenous Species of Plant Nursery) through a neighbouring school link and would like to use their knowledge in future planning.
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