MCC ‘Growing’ for Hope amidst a Global Pandemic

We were excited to start the new planting season this year but the COVID-19 pandemic changed all that. Amid all the uncertainties and the newly found ‘emptiness’ of our school grounds, the chill of winter set in and indeed the situation in which we found ourselves started to take hold. But the sounds and sights of spring’s eager growth serves as the backdrop for our story of hope: there in our school grounds remained a beacon of light, waiting to be nurtured.

From a mental aspect, growing a vegetable garden may be the way for both adults and children to re-connect and cope during stress and to re-gain a sense of security. After all, examples of how important gardening can be in our society and to our health and well-being have been revealed throughout historical experiences of trying times. The gravitational force to grow undoubtedly soothes people, which brings us to the important role of our school gardens.

Early on in our remote learning journey, while the world was coming to a halt, our wonderful ES decided that this wasn’t going to stand in the way of planting our new seasons garden that would continue to support our onsite students. It would be no ordinary garden, but a garden that would nourish our students. It would be a goodwill play date with nature. But above all, it would be our daily reminder of hope. That somewhere on the other side of all this, life will flourish again.

“Our veggie garden makes me smile ? I can see lots of yummy veggies that I can’t wait to try:) we have lots of celery and parsley ready to eat. But the best thing of all will be the snow peas that have just started to flower. Watering the garden is a lot of fun” – Year 3 student

A huge thank you to all of our staff and students who helped keep our garden and our spirits alive.

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